You’ve got 300 photos in your phone, but 280 missed shots?

My Shooting Photo offers you a number of professional photo ideas to make your photo shoot one of the most original and successful ever.

Taking photos together is something everyone should do over the years. And yet, for decades to come, these snapshots will be regarded as precious treasures to be treasured with the utmost care.

They are a testimony to another era!

Doing this photoshoot is an opportunity for you to have fun, enjoy a unique experience together, take part in a fun family activity and share a real moment of complicity.

There’s nothing like an offbeat, fun, aesthetic and above all original family photo to stop time, just for a moment!

We’ll now tell you about 4 posing ideas for a successful family photo shoot!

The family tribe photo:


For this first pose, a photo mixing different generations with offbeat poses, letting everyone express themselves as they wish, makes for a joyful mix, letting everyone’s good mood shine through in the moment.

For example, to give this pose a realistic feel, find a point that everyone can easily identify, and fix it so that everyone’s eyes are pointing in the same direction.

Your professional photographer will give precise and different directions to each member of your family… making the photo session more personalized.

There’s no doubt that when you look back on this photo years later, you’ll remember the great time you had together 🙂

A jumping family photo shoot!


Do you love laughter and children running and jumping?

Then this is the outdoor family photo shoot for you! Let your emotions run wild! There’s nothing like a jumping photo for a highly original pose idea!

Enthusiasm, light-heartedness and youthfulness can all be found in this type of photo. Children are naturally lively and playful, and parents don’t take themselves too seriously 🙂

A group jump photo is a real feat, as you need to get the timing just right!

In other words, all family members have to jump at the same time! But when it’s right, it conveys a wonderful energy!

Family photos taken on the fly


There’s nothing like a photo taken in the moment, on the spot, with the people you see every day.

During a family photo shoot, your professional photographer will capture a different kind of stolen portrait, just like a paparazzi!

Snapshots taken at just the right moment to capture the mood, atmosphere and joy of the moment, so you can look back on them many years later, all together!

Thanks to the expertise of our various family photographers, the results are sure to be sensational!

A themed family photo shoot


Treat yourself to stunning photos by gathering your little family around a very specific theme! It could be an event like Halloween, where you dress up as a witch, vampire or other monster!

The appearance, gestures and facial expressions of the whole family will be used to create sensational, unique photos!

With or without a costume, the shared game will offer the image of a close-knit family!

Themes can also vary according to the season (Christmas, Easter, Mother’s/Father’s Day, baby-shower…), or a shared passion that will motivate your team and be highlighted in your photos.

Or a theme such as summer, spring, winter or snowballs!

There’s no doubt about it: your shots will be remembered and laughed about for years to come!

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