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A couple photographer to illustrate your passion and live an unforgettable experience with your other half.

With My Shooting Photo, immortalize a beautiful moment spent together. Our professional photographers will capture your love for each other.

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Why hire a couple photographer?

Whether you’re a young couple or two newlyweds, our couple photo shoots guarantee a unique moment and a variety of photos at the end of your shoot.

There are a thousand and one reasons why you should come for a couples photo shoot! With our professional photographers, we’re committed to creating the very best of you, with photos that reflect you.

A couple’s photoshoot is a unique experience for everyone. It’s a powerful moment that lets you live the moment to the full and immortalize your love for each other.

1- Use a couple photographer for every occasion:

All couples love to take photos! Whether it’s a vacation, an anniversary, a party, a special event… every moment is the perfect opportunity to take a beautiful photo and capture your love.

However, the result is rarely what you expected!
Even with the latest generation phones, the quality will rarely be the same as that of our professional photographers.

For every stage of your life, don’t hesitate to opt for the results of a professional portrait photographer. The result will be far beyond your expectations!

2- A couple’s photo shoot to immortalize your love:

Here are a few examples of occasions where you can capture your love with My Shooting Photo:

– Celebrating the anniversary of your meeting
– Announcing a wedding
– Celebrating Valentine’s Day
– Give a gift to your partner for fun and enjoyment
– Immortalize the arrival of a new member of your family
– Mark a key moment in your life
– Offer beautiful photos to your loved ones (children, grandparents, friends…)
– Break a routine

3- Discover the experience of a couple photoshoot

A couple’s photoshoot is no ordinary activity. It’s a real human experience!

Calling on the services of a couple photographer lets feelings and emotions shine through that are sometimes buried or simply put aside.

When a couple lets themselves go during a photo shoot, these emotions are present and come out even more clearly in the images.

Thanks to the professional work of My Shooting Photo’s photographers and the retouching they do, the compliments fly!

So entrust us with your couple’s photoshoot, you won’t regret it 🙂

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Customer reviews

« Andrés was our photographer for this couple’s photo shoot day, and he was really very professional! He knew how to put us at ease, choose locations and poses that were really splendid! The photos are of incredible quality! It’s going to be really hard to choose! We recommend ».



« Great time spent with Stéphane for our couple shoot. Very professional, he was able to guide us for our poses in perfectly chosen locations. The photos are also of very good quality. We highly recommend 🙂 »


« We chose My Shooting Photo to immortalize a moment as a couple. We shot with Stéphane, who knew how to put my partner and me at ease. The location was perfect, the sun was shining and Stéphane, with his good advice, managed to get the best out of us! A perfect moment that allowed us to make beautiful gifts for our loved ones.


« Great shoot yesterday with Louise! We had a great time despite my darling’s initial misgivings, we had a blast!
We can’t wait to receive our photos!
I really recommend it.
Thank you for a great time »


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