Your couple photoshoot is booked, your outfit is ready and you can’t wait to spend this unique moment together.

However, you’re short of ideas for poses for your session, and you want natural poses that will reflect your personalities?

This article will give you some great posing ideas for your couple’s photo shoot, as well as a few techniques to help you feel as comfortable as possible!

And of course, to make this session a memorable one, and take unforgettable outdoor photos that are sure to surprise your partner! It could also be the perfect gift to celebrate your date or Valentine’s Day.

Here are a few tips to give you some cool ideas for posing during your couple’s photo shoot: from romantic classics to fun, offbeat styles, let our professional photographers inspire you!

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1. Walk facing the photographer!


The first pose we suggest is to walk towards the photographer.

All you have to do is talk, hands entwined, alternating the direction of your gaze and gestures, and starting from a given point, depending on the light, which will bring out the best in you.

Photos in motion will bring life to your shots!

This idea of a very natural pose has the advantage of putting most couples at ease, and works very well for starting your very first photo shoot with a professional photographer.

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2. Play the humor card during your photo shoot!


Are you looking for cheerful, dynamic and funny couple photos?

Join forces and strike poses that will make you smile when you look back on them years later!

Why not choose a specific theme that appeals to you, such as a day at the funfair, with photos of the couple on a merry-go-round or enjoying candy apples, cotton candy, churros… Whatever pleases you!

This theme, full of sweetness and pleasure, will evoke the freshness and complicity of your couple! Be creative, and don’t hesitate to prepare a few romantic settings in advance!

Talk to your photographer on the day, or take inspiration from some of the models on Pinterest, in the press, on social networks… He’ll be there to advise you and « spice up » your photo shoot.

All this will help you build your confidence, and get shots that are just like you! Follow your instincts, make the most of it and get crazy during your couple photo shoot. Time flies!

3. Embrace during your couple photo shoot!


What could be more beautiful and touching than two lovers embracing? Your partner can stand behind you and wrap his arms around you, while you turn your face towards him.

You can also close your eyes or place your hands on his. To show the complicity in your relationship, it’s very important to have several points of contact with your partner! Legs, hips, arms, face – every touch is important, and shows your closeness and love.

The embracing portrait of a couple is a mark of affection that’s unique to lovers, and very easy to create. Natural expressions guaranteed!

4. Exchange knowing glances during your photo session


Exchanging glances with your other half is also a must.

During your photo session, our photographers will put you at ease and give you essential tips for expressing your love in front of the camera.

The way you look at each other is crucial, as it conveys the deep love you feel for each other. So, for successful couple photos, you need to press your gazes together in such a way as to create communion with your partner.

Eyes don’t lie, and they express much more than words. The look of love will be reflected more clearly through the lens of your professional photographer.

The mutual love you feel for each other is evident in this easy-to-create couple portrait. The camera will capture this moment of complicity and mutual love, where a simple glance is all it takes!

5. A face-to-face photo with your partner


The pose that works best with couples once they’re comfortable in front of the lens is the photo where your partner is facing you!

All you have to do is get as close as possible to each other, and place your feet intertwined so that even at leg level there’s little or no space between you.

Then place your arms around his waist or neck. Make sure you’ve brought your head close enough to his or hers, otherwise, you can place your arms forehead to forehead.

With your eyes closed or not, this pose will enclose you in a bubble of love, and you’ll forget the world around you. Without needing to speak, this contact with your partner will fill you with joy and, without even meaning to, you’ll let out the most sincere smile you’ve ever seen.

And that’s it! You’re all set for a duo photo shoot with your professional photographer. And don’t forget: natural photos are the most beautiful, so have fun, forget the camera and just be yourself, a couple in love.

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