While the idea of a photo shoot for a wedding or CV comes immediately to mind, the idea of having one’s photograph taken is often less spontaneous when it comes to giving a gift to one’s partner. If it’s been a while since you and your other half met and you still can’t find a photo that truly reflects your relationship, it’s time to let yourself be tempted by a photo session for two.

Whether you’re just starting to fall in love, or you’ve been together for years, it’s always nice to have a record of it. And what better way to immortalize the moment than with a photo?

Create a surprise with a couple’s photo shoot.

Flower bouquets, jewelry, restaurants…fed up with this infernal loop?

A romantic photo shoot may not be part of our daily routine, but it’s not just for « Instagram-able » couples!

Your anniversary, your wedding anniversary, Valentine’s Day, your partner’s birthday or simply a sunny day: there’s no better reason to treat yourself to an outdoor photo shoot.

For an original birthday gift, discreetly book your time slot on our website and ask your partner to be ready and available on the chosen date. On the big day, let him/her know about your initiative: surprise effect guaranteed!

Treat yourself to a moment of romantic togetherness with your couple photographer.


Take advantage of this original outing to put routine aside and get together just the two of you.

As well as being a great opportunity to celebrate your love in front of a professional photographer’s lens, it’s also a chance to strengthen it and recreate the bonds sometimes masked by everyday life.

If you have or are about to have children, this moment, just the two of you, suspended in time, is all the more worth savoring… and they’ll be delighted to discover these images testifying to their parents’ love.

An outdoor photo shoot will give you a chance to clear your mind while visiting places you’re not used to: after the shoot, you’ll have memories around every corner, and the pleasure of reminiscing about your photos as you stroll hand in hand.

Approach your photo shoot as a couple in all simplicity.


While « posing » in front of a photographer can be intimidating at first, there’s no need to be afraid of being yourself or showing your partner signs of affection – quite the contrary! It’s your story that will set the tone for your future photos.

Since there are as many couples as there are ways of loving each other, a professional photographer will be at your disposal to capture YOUR love and complicity.

This moment belongs to you alone, so make the most of it: your photographer and his benevolence will be able to guide you, position you if necessary and make you forget about him: all for a 100% natural result.

Your knowing looks will do the rest. There’s no need to put too much pressure on yourself: it’s all about having fun and sharing.

With a couple photoshoot, create indelible memories with your partner


You don’t have to be married, or about to be, to take the time to say « I love you » and immortalize the moment. Beyond the quality photos you’ll get at the end of the session, it’s a full-fledged experience filled with laughter, sweet moments, sharing, complicit exchanges and emotions.

These memories will be added to the list of moments of complicity spent together. To preserve them, why not make a few paper prints to decorate your home, or even better, a photo album to share with your loved ones?

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