Answers to all the questions you may have before planning a photo shoot, whether alone, with your partner, friends or family.

1- Before the photo shoot

– Is the photo session really free?

Yes, you don’t have to pay for the session until you receive your photos. At the end of your shoot, the photographer will give you a card and you’ll receive an e-mail to gain access to your private gallery. So you can choose the photos you like best. There’s no obligation to buy. You can find our price list here.

– How do I choose a location for my photo shoot?

First and foremost, the location must match your desires and personality. You can choose from several locations, but if none suits you, you can send us a request by filling in the form.

– Can I come accompanied?

Yes, if you wish, but the person must not intervene during the photo shoot, unless the photographer requests it.

– What is the photographic style of your work?

You can find us on social networks:

Facebook: My Shooting Photo or via the following link: Facebook

Instagram : @myshootingphotoparis or via the following link: Instagram

– What time should I arrive?

Ideally, you should arrive 5 to 10 minutes early, so that you can make the most of your session and avoid keeping the photographer waiting.

– How long is the gift box valid?

Your e-card is valid for 1 year from the date of purchase.

– Is it possible to have the gift box refunded if I can’t make it?

No, the offer is not exchangeable, refundable or modifiable. We will do our best to find a new slot if you are unable to attend. In all cases, please let us know as soon as possible and at least 24 hours before the shoot.

– I’m not photogenic, how can I see beautiful photos?

It’s a phrase we often hear from our customers. Don’t worry, we’re here to guide you and make your shoot a pleasant experience.

Take advantage of the experience of a photo shoot to gain confidence in front of the camera. Our photographers will put you at ease and bring out the best in you!

– Why should I choose you?

My Shooting Photo specializes in portrait photography. Our photographers are selected according to precise criteria: photographic talent, pedagogy, responsiveness.

Our mission: to make you look your best.

– How should I dress?

As far as possible, avoid T-shirts with writing on them, prefer plain colors. Above all, choose clothes in which you feel comfortable. Choose your style according to the type of photo you want to take:

Ex: Shirt and jacket for corporate photos, or jeans and T-shirt for a more casual style…

Don’t hesitate to bring accessories (hats, glasses, scarves, etc.), as they’ll add an extra touch to your session.

– What happens if I cancel my photo shoot?

To cancel your photo shoot, simply send us an email at hello@myshootingphoto.fr or call us on +336 67 40 42 35.

Cancellation must be made at least 12 hours before the scheduled photo shoot. My Shooting Photo reserves the right not to accept subsequent bookings in the event of abuse.

– I have a very precise idea of the photos I want.

Let’s talk about it! If you have any ideas of your own, we’d be delighted to help you realize them.

– Is there a make-up artist and hairdresser at the session?

We don’t offer hair and make-up services before or during the shoot. That said, you can call on professionals if you feel the need.

– Is it essential to call in a make-up artist before my shoot?

It’s not essential to call in a make-up artist before your photo shoot. If, however, you do wish to call in a make-up professional, we advise you to opt for something light and natural, and to set aside time to do it before the photo shoot.

– Is it necessary to meet with you before the shoot?

No, it’s not necessary. We’ll give you all the information you need (reminder, location address, photographer’s contact details, etc.) to make your shoot a success.

– Can I bring several outfits?

Yes, you can! That said, we advise you to bring only your tops. You’ll be able to change jackets and sweaters easily and quickly change your style.

– When is the best time for a pregnancy photo shoot?

The best time to show off your lovely round belly is between the 7th and 8th month of pregnancy, at around 28-34 weeks.

2- Photoshoot sequence

– How does a photo shoot work?

The first step is to meet the photographer. He’ll put you at ease and ask you a few questions to find out what you need. Then the photo session takes place in good spirits. The photographer will suggest different ideas and framings. Trust him, he’s the only one who can see what’s going on in the lens. You’ll leave the photo shoot with a card containing all the information you need to find your online gallery.

– Will the photographer guide me during the shoot?

The photographer will guide you through the poses before letting your imagination run free, so that the session goes smoothly and in good spirits.

– If the photo session is longer than 30 minutes, do I have to pay extra?

The photographer may have an appointment right after you. In this case, he or she cannot exceed the scheduled time. However, if you feel you don’t have enough choice, a 5-minute overrun is allowed.

3- After the photoshoot

– How many photos will be available in the gallery?

You’ll receive an e-mail with a link to your private photo gallery, with a minimum of 30 quality photos. It’s not the number that’s important, but the quality.

– I’d like to order photos from a previous session. Is this possible?

After your photo shoot, you’ll have 1 month to order your images. This will give you time to think things over if you’re hesitant.

– Are the photos edited?

All photos are edited for optimum contrast, light and color.

– How long do I have to wait to see the photos?

You’ll receive an email within 72 hours with a link to your private gallery.

– Is it possible to choose which photos you publish?

Your photographer will edit your photo shoot. He’ll propose the best of your shoot, while remaining broad in his selection.

– What happens if I like very few or none of my photos?

This almost never happens. However, if you’re not satisfied, there’s no obligation to buy.

– Does the price of photos change if there’s more than one of me?

The price of photos does not change if there are several of you. We consider that the photographer spends the same amount of time shooting if you are alone or in a group.

– Is there an offer to buy all the photos?

Yes, all photos are available at 20 euros each. But you can also buy all the photos for 200 euros.

4- Use of photos

– How do you store photos?

We store your photographs on our sales partner’s server. They are available for purchase for a period of 1 month after the photo session. Galleries automatically expire after this period.

– Will you post photos of me on Facebook, Instagram or your website?

Never without your permission. If you don’t want your photos published, they will remain private. If you do want them published, we’ll send you an email requesting permission.

– Are my photos copyright-free once I’ve purchased them?

Customers can use their photographs for the following purposes: website, social networks, dating site, personal use. However, they may not be used in advertising campaigns (advertising to promote a product, service, artistic, cultural or literary production of any kind) without our agreement. In this case, the customer must contact us by email: hello@myshootingphoto.com).

5- Payment

– How can I buy my photos?

You can pay for your photos by credit card, Visa, Master Card and American Express.

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