A CV photo by a professional photographer

Your CV photo should make you stand out from the crowd.

A good photo on your professional CV or Linkedin CV has become essential to enhance your image.

We capture your most beautiful expression in photos.

My Shooting Photo offers you the chance to show off your uniqueness with a special CV photo shoot by a photographer near you.

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Why have a professional CV photoshoot?

Get twice as many interviews with images from a professional photographer

The image you choose will be worth more than a thousand words! That’s why you need to choose it carefully!

The one you choose will become the recruiter’s first and lasting impression. It’s not just a professional photo, but a communication tool that conveys your personality, your seriousness and, of course, your friendliness.

More modern than a studio portrait, an outdoor shoot doesn’t just photograph you, but also the context in which you’ll be working.

In the same way, it will give several clues about your daily life, making it easier for the recruiter to project himself with you, while giving him the desire to continue reading your profile!

Create your most beautiful photo portrait for Linkedin with a photographer from My Shooting Photo.

Outdoor photography is ideal for showing off your everyday life and inspiring others to discover your world, thanks to the various clues that will be communicated.

Our professional photographers will adapt to any constraints they may encounter during the shoot, such as outdoor weather conditions, light, reflections or shadows that can quickly spoil a shot.

They’ll do everything they can to show your interviewer that you’re not only motivated to find a job, but also attentive to your image.

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Customer reviews

« Thanks to Andrés who understood my expectations perfectly for this LinkedIn profile photo.

Not being used to posing in front of a lens, I really appreciated his advice, expert eye and kindness. »


« Photo for CV realised at My Shooting Photo and I am very satisfied with the result. Stéphane knows how to put the person at ease and gives advice during the shooting. I was able to choose from the photos taken which were then reworked, all in 24 hours. Thank you! »


« I did a CV photo shoot just yesterday and I’m very satisfied! Uncomfortable and not used to the shooting process, I had to deal with a very professional photographer, who knew how to guide me and put me at ease. She even advised me on the choice of location for my shoot. It’s smart, practical and economical ».


« I’m not used to this kind of exercise, but I’m delighted with my shoot! I did a session (for professional Linkedin photos etc) with Benoit last weekend, he was both hyper-professional and nice to put me at ease, he’s passionate and it shows. I highly recommend the experience! I’m already recommending the concept to my friends and family 🙂 »


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