The CV photo is a very simple way of making your CV more attractive. It must reflect a professional and enhancing image, but it must also appeal to the recruiter by exuding authenticity and sincerity. Here’s what you need to do to stand out and avoid certain mistakes.

Most professional CV photos are taken in the studio, against a background that’s usually classic black or white, and because companies are looking for the best candidates and receiving floods of CVs, you need to stand out!

That’s why an outdoor CV photo is the perfect way to give your application that touch of originality that’s sure to make it stand out from the crowd!

The perfect location for an outdoor professional CV photo!

It’s best to use a photo taken outdoors in natural light. You’ll send a more sincere and dynamic message.

It’s important to make sure that the colors of your background and the colors of your professional clothing match.

The colors of the background should not dominate your outfit, which is the main asset of your photos.

Choosing the right time of day for your photo shoot

Once you’ve finalized the location for your photo shoot, you need to choose the right time of day to capture the shots you want.

A word of advice: the time to avoid is when the sun is at its peak, as this will create unpleasant shadows on your face.

The three perfect times for a beautiful photo shoot are: sunrise, mid-morning and late afternoon.

However, the result of the photo shoot depends largely on the weather conditions and how you wish to use the ambient light at the time.

A photo book to match your target position

It’s best to dress neatly, as you need to determine every aspect of your personality and bring them to the fore.

A golden rule is to choose an outfit that’s appropriate for the position you’re applying for, to show that you’re serious about the job, but also that you’re comfortable in it.

For example, if you’re applying to a start-up, choose a simple, modern and serious outfit, such as a white shirt, which you can open and close to increase your chances of being seen by the recruiter by showing your authenticity and naturalness.

It’s a good way of showing that you’ve fully understood the challenges of your sector and the position you’re applying for.

Work on your expressions and body language during your professional CV photo session

Put your recruiter at ease by remaining as natural as possible, smile but not too much, be friendly but always professional.

Your attitude should be neither too strict nor too relaxed, but open and dynamic.

We advise you to turn your shoulders slightly so as not to be completely in front of the photographer’s lens.

Looking your best for the photographer

Good make-up is one that shows you off without overdoing it. Emphasize your eyes, mattify your skin, blur any redness or dark circles, and give yourself a fresh complexion that looks as natural as possible before your appointment with the photographer.

For men: take care with your shaving or have your beard perfectly trimmed.

Accessories are always welcome as a small touch. Keep it simple. A pair of pearl earrings will brighten up your face, as will a slender necklace in the hollow of your neck.

Style your hair with a light volume for a dynamic effect, or tie it up to highlight your facial features.

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