Your pregnancy photoshoot with a professional photographer

A pregnancy photoshoot to capture time.

What could be more wonderful than becoming a parent? Would you like to keep a souvenir of these unique and fleeting moments of your pregnancy? Opt for a professional photo shoot to remember this magical moment!

Calling in a photographer for your wedding is a no-brainer.

Taking photos of your baby at birth? A must.

And why not immortalize your pregnancy with the help of a professional photographer? This trend is becoming increasingly popular with expectant mothers. Ideally, a pregnancy photo shoot takes place between the 7th and 9th months, when the pregnant woman is still in good shape and her belly is well rounded.

Book your FREE outdoor pregnancy photoshoot in 15 cities in France, with one of our professional photographers.

How to enjoy a pregnancy photoshoot?

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2- Enjoy a FREE

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Why do a pregnancy photoshoot?

Doing a pregnancy photoshoot also means preserving wonderful memories. Later, you’ll be able to show these photos to future generations. A moment to share!

Calling on the professional photographers at My Shooting Photo will give you high-quality photo memories!

A pregnancy photoshoot to keep the memories alive.

Is your family growing? Bring your family, or your first children if you already have some.

You can even bring your father-to-be. In fact, this is often the case.

A real moment of complicity to share! You can even bring your parents or siblings along, if you want to share this unique moment together.

Your professional photographer will help you feel comfortable and at ease for a successful photo session with lots of memories.

You’ll be in a great mood!

A professional photographer to immortalize your pregnancy.

Carrying a child is a special and unique event that completely changes a woman’s life. It’s also a particularly important phase for couples who are now joined for life.

It’s a time to remember, a time that marks a new beginning for an adventure filled with happiness.

Nothing is better than a pregnancy photo shoot with a professional photographer to preserve lasting memories of this moment.

You’ll be able to admire these photos with your children for the rest of your life. They’ll be delighted to see their mom’s pregnant images again and again.

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Customer reviews

« I recommend it with my eyes closed. Great time with my photographer Florent. He put me at ease and the result is just great.

Zero doubts, go for it! »



« This was my very first photoshoot, and it was a great time. My photographer Andrès is very friendly and professional, he immediately put me at ease and the session was fun and enjoyable. I recommend it and I’ll be booking more sessions!


« Louise is very professional. She managed to put me at ease in front of the lens. She’s passionate about photography, which shows in her photos. She’s a good listener and a perfectionist. I recommend her without hesitation. »


« I don’t consider myself photogenic, but Lionel really knew how to show me off.

So I cracked and took all the photos, since the price is so right 🙂 »


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Book your pregnancy photoshoot now!

Limited places each week.