Pregnancy is an important and precious stage in the life of every woman and her family. Many expectant mothers wish to immortalize this unique period with a pregnancy photo session. Others, however, are more hesitant… So for all women who want to keep a unique, high-quality souvenir of their physical and psychological transformation, for all those who are apprehensive about this change and want to come to terms with their baby bump, or for all the happy fathers-to-be who want to give their wives an original gift, here are our five good reasons for calling in a professional pregnancy photographer.

A photo shoot to appreciate your new shape and find yourself beautiful when pregnant


When you’re pregnant, it can sometimes be difficult to recognize and appreciate your new shape. However, this physical and moral upheaval is a source of great joy and deserves to be remembered, both for you and for your future child. A photo shoot will help you realize just how well you’re carrying that lovely round belly, so you can fully embrace it!

In fact, we recommend that you wait until the seventh or eighth month of pregnancy to book your photo shoot, the ideal time to get your best pregnant shots while still in shape. Your curves will be sufficiently visible for a perfect visual result, without the risk of giving birth in the middle of the shoot.

For your outfit, choose sober tones (white, gray, beige…) that highlight your rounded belly (a tight-fitting dress or fitted sweater will be welcome) and in which you feel comfortable. If your partner is taking part in the session, why not match the colors of your clothes for a more homogenous look?

Immortalize this pregnancy with a professional photographer


9 months. That’s the short, intense period leading up to the arrival of your future child. Pregnancy is an exceptional moment to be celebrated and remembered by the whole family.

To photograph a pregnancy is to immortalize the creation of a new life, that of your baby, but also to mark the turning point of your new life, with three, four… As a child, you’ve probably already heard your mother tell you that you’re growing up too fast, so make the most of every moment with your future child.

A couple’s photo shoot like no other


The period of transition and change that a pregnancy represents is accompanied by wonderful moments as a couple, or as a family if you already have other children. It’s these unique moments that we’d like you to capture in a professional photo shoot.

As a couple, this will only strengthen your growing complicity: for the duration of the session, you’ll be in your own bubble together, under the watchful eye of a professional photographer who will guide you in the poses to adopt while putting you at ease in this unique exercise. This cocoon is a very popular aspect of photo shoots for parents-to-be, to immortalize their last moments together.

If you already have one or more other children, this can be an opportunity to include them in the session. It’s a good way to make the older children aware of the imminent arrival of another family member. What’s more, they’ll be proud to pose next to their future little brother or sister: moments of complicity, emotion and giggles!

An original couple’s photo shoot and quality images of your pregnancy


The advantage of a pregnancy photo shoot with a professional photographer?

Successful photos that look just like you! The quality of an image depends not only on the camera, but also on the photographer’s expertise. His or her role: to relax you, to position you, to advise you on where to place your arms, legs or head, to show off your round belly, to make you laugh, to help you simply be yourself, all for a rendering that reflects you and is as natural as possible.

He or she will listen and understand your expectations, while suggesting new and original ideas to suit your tastes.

Pregnant mommy photos to show baby when he grows up


Pregnancy sublimates a woman’s beauty, so don’t be afraid to show off your lovely curves – they’ll bring back wonderful memories once this unique period is over and your baby has become a teenager.

What’s more, your baby will be delighted to discover that he’s bigger, hidden away in his mother’s womb, a crucial stage in his early life.

So mother-to-be, parents-to-be, take advantage of the sweet interlude offered by a photo session to mark the future event of your love’s birth.

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