When we hear the term « family photos », we often think of those taken by your very willing uncle during the festive season…rarely of a real professional session.

Maybe that’s when you think it’s time to update the family portraits hanging on the wall… In fact, while we regularly call on a professional photographer for weddings, birthdays and anniversaries, we often forget to simply immortalize our everyday lives. Here are 5 good reasons to take the plunge and organize a family photo shoot!

Have family photos and experience a unique moment


Don’t wait for your cousin’s wedding, or even your own, to book a professional family photo session. There’s no need for a special occasion: a photo session is above all a chance to take a break from your 200-hour daily routine. School, work and worries will take a back seat to your best clothes, or disguises for the younger ones.

The aim is to focus on the essentials and the present moment, and forget the stress of the week. Calling in a professional photographer is also an opportunity to mark the evolution of your children, whom we don’t see growing up. While we often have a well-stocked collection of images of our youngest children, those of their teenage years are generally rarer. It’s time to do something about that! Your children will be delighted to find these photos later in life.

Get your nearest and dearest together for this family photo shoot


Not soccer, cinema or a night out with friends, this weekend it’s a family photo shoot! And it’s a great opportunity to get everyone together. If you’ve got children living abroad, make sure you book a date in advance to ensure that the whole family will be there. No more photos with someone absent or taken as a selfie, distorting the person holding the phone (yes, we’ve all noticed). It’s time to finally include that person who’s always missing from the photo because he or she’s…behind the lens!

Lend yourself to a photo shoot and create new memories by sharing this unique moment together. Time passes, but memories remain! We live in a society where everything changes too quickly, and goes out of fashion too quickly. Soon, the new smartphone will replace the old one, and bell-bottom jeans will no longer be fashionable.

But the portraits from your photo shoot will remain. Because the only thing that transcends time and generations are family memories, and this session will be one of them!


Quality photos that reflect your family’s image


Every family is different. Each one has its own particularity that makes it touching, funny or atypical. This is precisely what a photographer will try to capture during a photo shoot. He or she will know how to make your family photo shoot a success. You’ll be guided and positioned in such a way as to bring out the best in everyone, while relaxing even the most tense.

It’s up to you to prepare (if the session takes place at home) or bring along toys, disguises or any other objects that will make it possible to take more natural photos with different poses, in action, of you having fun with your children. The photographer will capture these moments of life without you even noticing. The family photo session can take place outdoors, not far from a park or garden, to loosen up the most persistent and give you enough space to enjoy yourself. In the space of 30 minutes or an hour, you’ll have quality photos featuring everyone.

Hang family portraits on walls


The advantage of high-definition photos is that they can later be framed in large format, without losing any of their quality. A professional family photo shoot is the perfect time to renew those old photos of your now teenage children that have been framed in the living room for ten years. Be proud to display your photos in your own home! By printing them in black and white for a more sober look, you’ll have something to adorn that slightly empty living-room wall, and you’ll be able to admire these snapshots on a daily basis while remembering the delightful moments spent taking them.

Family photo shoots: an original gift


What could be better than offering a souvenir to your loved ones? A surprise photo shoot can be a nice change of pace, and a welcome break from gifts that are too material and sometimes quickly forgotten. As a child, why not offer your parents a photo session for Christmas – the effect is guaranteed! Once the session is over, you can take the time to make a souvenir photo album and send a copy to your grandparents. It may sound old-fashioned, but we all end up losing photos that have been saved digitally. This way, your memories will be treasured for a long time to come!

So what are you waiting for? 😉

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