If you’re planning to sign up with an agency to become an actor or model, you’ll need to prepare what professionals call a portfolio. In it, you’ll need to place photos that make you look your best!

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced actor, your portfolio is your gateway to presenting yourself to modeling or acting agencies, maximizing your chances of being recruited.

That’s why you need to pay the utmost attention to it, and take high-quality, creative, professional photos, with color and black-and-white visuals that really show you off.

If you’re not used to posing, or have little confidence in front of the camera because it’s the first time you’re going to do a photo shoot alone, rest assured, our photographers are used to it and take their time to develop the session. You’ll always notice a progression towards photos you’ll appreciate!

Your photos should highlight different expressions to show all the facets of your personality. During your session, we’ll take portraits, American shots, and full-length photos so that you can have the most complete portfolio possible. Don’t forget to bring several jackets to vary your style, and why not a few accessories?

Here are the different shots you’ll need to create the perfect photo book!

Important shot for your acting portfolio: the chest shot!


If you want to impress your recruiter, you need to make your face stand out in a photo.

If you think you have a particular asset, such as a refined nose or incandescent eyes, don’t hesitate to include a close-up of these assets in your portfolio, which should contain at least two portraits.

However, don’t forget that the most striking portrait types are those that reveal your naturalness.

So use as little artifice as possible, opting instead for soft lighting that allows you to clearly distinguish all your facial features and brings out the best in your eyes.

What’s more, too much make-up could disqualify you.

Our professional photographers will take as many portrait photos as possible, so you can pick out the ones you like best and include them in your portfolio!

Full-length shots!


In portrait photography, the medium shot or full-length shot is a type of portrait in which the subject is seen in its entirety, leaving only a few elements of the setting and environment visible.

This indicates a photo of you visible from head to toe, upright and well framed without any limbs having been cut off.

However, the model doesn’t have to be standing still. He or she can also be seated or lying down, as long as you can see the whole person.

In this type of framing, it’s not so much the expression of the subject that counts, but rather his or her general appearance. The pose is particularly important: how the subject’s legs and arms are positioned… as well as how he or she holds himself or herself.

This shot is regularly used to highlight the aesthetics of a silhouette, a model’s physique and allure, or an outfit, a style, a look…

For all these reasons, full-length portraits are particularly popular in fashion and ready-to-wear magazines!

The American shot!


The American shot, also known as the 3/4 shot, consists of framing a person at mid-thigh. The scenery is secondary, and the person is in the foreground.

This type of framing makes it possible to preserve a large part of the outfit and a few details of the environment, while integrating the model’s emotion.

This type of framing allows us to preserve a large part of the outfit, as well as a few environmental details, while integrating the model’s emotion. It is now widely used in most films, whatever the genre.

When you’re shooting alone, you’ll be the center of attention. You’ll love being guided by a professional photographer. The quality of the shots is astonishing, and you’ll get a result far superior to anything you could have done on your own or with your friends.

Our aim is to bring out the best in you, in one of the beautiful settings My Shooting Photo can provide!

Luminosity, angle, colors, emotions… The photographer will capture the moment that makes it all look natural and beautiful, to enhance your photo book as it should!

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