Are you a young actor looking to land your first castings?

Are you a more experienced actor looking for new roles? Give yourself the best chance of succeeding at a casting by presenting a professional portfolio that reflects your personality, thus strengthening your credibility.

Your photo portfolio: your business card


An actor’s portfolio or photo book is an essential part of any artist’s career. It’s an essential tool for presenting yourself to talent agencies and applying for castings. The photos in it should reveal your personality to the full, and promote your acting skills and ease on stage.

This will enable the casting director to assess your degree of photogenic talent, while at the same time projecting yourself onto roles that might suit you, and thus help him or her decide whether or not to meet you. In short, it’s your calling card! Don’t neglect it.

Your personality comes to the fore with an actor photographer


Neutrality is the watchword. Your portfolio should present your physical appearance and expressions as faithfully as possible, to demonstrate your ability to express emotions. That’s why it’s best to opt for a very discreet or even non-existent make-up during your photo shoot.

A good portrait is a natural portrait that reflects you. At least three types of photos should be included in your portfolio: a portrait, a full-length photo and an American shot (cut to size). The casting director needs to be able to recognize you immediately during any tests he or she may give you: forget about photos that are too retouched to hide a badly-placed mole or a few white hairs, as this will only waste your time, and it’s important to show yourself in all your authenticity.

When it comes to clothing, you can afford to be a little daring, but be careful not to mix too many bright colors. Feel free to bring an accessory that characterizes you or helps you feel at ease with yourself, and the photographer will then guide you into the pose.

An inexpensive acting portfolio


Your portfolio needs to be renewed, or at least updated, on average once a year, which can be quite expensive.

That’s why My Shooting Photo offers you a free session: you only pay for the photos you want! It’s a cost-effective way for young actors to make their mark in this competitive field.

Where to shoot your actor photo shoot?


When you book your shoot on our website, you have two options: you can choose an outdoor location for more originality and natural light, or you can choose between various locations and emblematic neighborhoods in each city where we travel (Paris, Lyon, Nice, Berlin, etc.). In Paris, for example, you can book your shoot in the following areas: Palais Royal, Ile saint Louis, Place des Vosges, Bibliothèque François Mitterrand, Tuileries… But you can also opt for a shoot in your own home, or in a café, for a more intimate setting.

You now have all the keys you need to present yourself and land your next castings. Don’t wait any longer to approach agencies, book your shoot now,

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