Once you’ve got over your fears about embarking on your first photo shoot, you’ve finally decided to take the plunge and get quality images that reflect you? One last dilemma awaits you: where to shoot. On location or at home… ! At My Shooting Photo, you have several choices. You can choose from a fine selection of locations in your city, or opt to have your photos taken at home, in your own little cocoon.

Whether you’re looking for family photos, pregnancy photos, newborn photos, solo portraits or couple photos, we’ll come to you or the location of your choice for greater convenience and naturalness.

We explain the advantages of an at-home photo shoot!

Why use a home photographer?

A photo shoot at home for greater comfort

The most obvious reason to have a photo shoot at home is certainly the comfort it brings: there’s no need to move yourself or your whole family, no need to walk for long minutes in high heels, and no need to run the risk of getting your hair mussed or your shirt wrinkled, because your professional photographer will come straight to you.

Whether you’re a parent or a child, you’ll have everything you need to spend a pleasant, relaxing moment: everything at your fingertips! Many of our customers often want to change clothes during the shoot, so as to have a variety of looks and moods, but an at-home photo shoot puts this constraint to one side by keeping your entire wardrobe close at hand!

An at-home photo shoot is ideal for young children or newborns, whose toys, spare outfits and bottles will be close at hand. It’s the best way to channel the energy of the little ones, who will be delighted to pose with their cuddly toys or immortalize memories with their favorite toys in their room.

An in-home photographer for a natural-looking photo shoot

What could be more natural and spontaneous than your home? Your memories, your vacation photos, your home decor… in short, it’s YOUR world. You feel good in it, and that’s why it’s the ideal place to take truly natural photos that reflect you. Your cocoon will enable you to take those everyday photos you never have time to take, those of moments of sharing between brothers and sisters, the candid shots of you and your lover…

The photographer will witness your exchanges and capture spontaneous moments of life: your partner’s arms around your round belly, your last moments together, bickering between brothers and sisters, mischievous smiles between parents and children, the tenderness of an older brother towards his younger sister… So many moments that are easier to capture at home because they are not staged and will flow naturally on the day of the shoot!

An in-home session isn’t just for families – on the contrary! On your own, treat this moment as a time for you, savoring this moment of calm and well-being just for you! A wide range of photo styles are possible: over a cup of coffee, in a nice armchair or by the window, reading… High-quality AND natural photos are guaranteed J.

A professional photographer comes to you!

Gone are the days of formal studio photos, with your smile frozen in stress, replaced by cocooning photos in your own space. Your cozy nest is bound to be a unique setting, ideal for original images. My Shooting Photo adapts to the natural decor of your rooms. Concerned about the decor, size or brightness of your apartment? We’re used to it, and know how to compose it, whatever the exposure or layout: a pretty morning light in the kitchen, a white wall, colorful cushions on the sofa… We always come with the necessary equipment (flash, reflector…).

Our little tip: make sure that your apartment/house or the main room in which you want to hold the photo shoot is sufficiently tidy for a streamlined look and to avoid wasting time tidying up on the day of the shoot. Our aim? Sublimate your everyday life and create unique memories that show you as you really are.

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