Dress carefully selected, invitations sent, menu chosen… That’s it: your wedding day is approaching, and your bachelorette party even closer! For all brides-to-be, the bachelorette party is a momentous occasion, symbolizing the end of one chapter – that of your single life – and the beginning of another – that of your commitment as a couple. So it’s important to mark the occasion!

Bringing friends together for a photo shoot

Organizing an Bachelorette Party is first and foremost the ideal opportunity to bring together your best friends, those living abroad, those you hear from regularly but don’t see much of, those you see every day, those who are never available – in short, if you give them plenty of notice, your girlfriends won’t be able to get away from the day specially organized for the event. Immortalizing this key moment in your life with smartphones and selfie poles is like drinking champagne from cardboard cups: the discerning eye, the equipment and the advice of a professional photographer are essential to capture these moments of complicity and friendship to the full.

A photo session with friends can also relieve some of the bride-to-be’s stress by bringing together girlfriends who may never have met, and thus create or recreate bonds before the big day. All together for your special day, they’ll all put their best foot forward to spend a pleasant moment around a convivial activity.

Create memories with a professional photographer


Your Bachelorette Party photo shoot will be a memory that you’ll all share. Above all, it’s a moment out of time, during which a professional photographer will guide you and your friends to make YOU look your best and relax before the big day. On the wedding day, you can end the day in style with a sequence of laughter and emotion by showing the photos taken during the EVJF session: a great way to remember the day we spent together. What’s more, once the wedding frenzy is over, you’ll be delighted to spend a nostalgic evening with the girls, looking at the photos from the session. As you can see, this isn’t just an Bachelorette Party photo shoot: it’s a real moment to share with your loved ones, and at the end of it, you’ll have quality photos to show your complicity. It’s a unique experience for the bride-to-be and for all the participants! Join in the fun 😉

Adopt a dress code for your photo shoot


An Bachelorette Party photo shoot is a great opportunity to adopt a common dress code for all the participants, and already create a link in the choice of outfits. My Shooting Photo’s advice: think about a common theme for the day, and a homogeneity in your outfits or accessories. This will only reinforce the team spirit of the day, and the visual rendering will be all the better for it. If it’s a surprise, however, be sure to select an outfit in which the bride will feel beautiful, comfortable and confident for her shoot! Make sure you give her plenty of notice, so she has time to get ready and put on the make-up she’ll need for the shoot.

A photo shoot is a great way to gain or regain self-confidence, to surpass yourself in front of the camera and to indulge in an original activity.

Beyond the result, it’s also the moment you’re going to share with your photographer that’s important. It’s essential that the bride-to-be feels at ease and confident, so that she can spend a magical moment far removed from the stress of wedding planning. It’s your girly day, so make the most of it and let loose with your girlfriends, far from the gaze of your spouse, who’s too busy doing the same with his friends. So why not book your Bachelorette Party photo session?

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