With over 1 billion monthly users, Instagram is THE most widely used social network of the moment. Bought by Facebook in 2012, this platform is essential for anyone wishing to promote their brand, popularize their name, showcase a product… But the competition is fierce. To boost your Instagram visibility and gain more followers, you need to know how to stand out from the crowd!

Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram, Tik Tok: more and more applications are becoming part of our daily lives, each with its own function. While Instagram’s original purpose was simply to share personal stories with friends, the network quickly expanded to become a veritable business communication tool.

Instagram is THE network for publishing YOUR photos. If you want to increase your number of followers and gain credibility with them, it’s vital that your photos are of the highest quality. Sharp, bright, well-framed images will immediately show your seriousness and dynamism.

Find the right photographer for your Instagram photo shoot


From the very first look at your profile, your subscribers or curious observers need to be able to identify what type of content they’re discovering: is it a clothing brand, a public figure, a personal blog, a company’s Instagram page? The photographs published (biography aside) should be sufficient to understand what type of profile they’re landing on. These are the same questions a photographer will ask you during a photo shoot: why are you calling in a professional?

In order to target your expectations as closely as possible, you and the photographer will define the purpose of the session together.

An image professional will know how to highlight your products or your personality, whatever your request: that’s his job. Your smartphone’s portrait function won’t be able to direct you according to the exposure, nor will it be able to « stage » you in a professional and natural way.

Boost your company’s Instagram page with a photo shoot!


You’ve just set up your company, and want to showcase your team on the networks? A professional photo shoot will not only help you achieve consistency and quality in your individual portraits, it will also create or strengthen bonds between colleagues, which is essential for displaying cohesion and team spirit! Say goodbye to poorly framed, dark photos taken by each person at completely different times: one at his desk, the other with his back to a salmon-colored wall… Sobriety and luminosity will always do well with fresh, dynamic communication!

With My Shooting Photo, you choose the area for your shoot from the locations suggested on our website. On the day, the photographer will guide you to the best spots in the pre-selected area. Remember: consistency in the type of photos published is the key to being noticed and differentiated.

Increase the likes on your personal Instagram page with a photo shoot


You’re posting photos, liking others’, commenting, but your profile doesn’t seem to be taking off? It’s time to take a step back from your image and question your identity; because Instagram visibility means an account that’s recognizable among a thousand! Put yourself in the shoes of a stranger who discovers your feed: what do they see, what do they think of you? What comes out of your story? Is there any coherence in the arrangement of your photos, or is it a jumble of images posted in a hurry without a second thought?

You don’t have to be Kim Kardashian to deserve to have followers, and to keep them! Take a close look at your subscriptions, which undoubtedly include anonymous accounts that we’d describe as « stylish ». How do they make their page so attractive? Every photo has its « information ». Want to show off a new look? You’ll need several types of photo: full-length, to get a glimpse of the overall outfit; chest-length, to highlight cleavage or a particular haircut. Lastly, a close-up to detail a material, a piece of jewelry…

Once your photos have been taken by a professional, your part of the work begins: posting them. This means choosing an appropriate caption, tagging the people in the image, selecting precise hashtags (#) to attract as many people as possible from your community. Don’t be afraid to express your personality and your difference to the full – play with it! On the day of your photo shoot, don’t hesitate to bring along several colorful, pop and original jackets, sweaters or accessories: you’ll be able to have fun changing styles, and your choice of photos will be even wider as you’ll give the illusion of having taken them at different times. Our little tip: remember to reserve some photos from the shoot for your stories, as a teaser for future publications 😉

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