Are you looking for love on a dating site? You’ve realized that to increase your chances of meeting someone, it’s important to have a nice profile photo. And you’re right! On a dating site, your photo is your showcase, so it needs to be well taken care of and highlight your personality. That’s why we’ve come up with 10 ideas for your dating photoshoot in Paris, the city of love.

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1. Your teaser photo on dating sites in Paris


The background should be slightly blurred, but don’t hesitate to place some architecture behind you to give your photo a Parisian style. You’ll need to smile naturally and look at the lens for this first photo.

2. Your Tinder photo in a Parisian café


Position yourself as if you were having a conversation with a friend on a café terrace. The photographer will need to show elements that prove you’re not alone and well accompanied (2 glasses/coffee on the table, shoulder of the person opposite you in the foreground out of focus…).

Photographe Tinder Paris

3. The social interaction photo in a lively Paris venue


Show your social side for this photo. Surrounded by friends (or who we can guess) but with the focus on you enjoying a fun activity (table soccer, billiards, ping-pong…etc). For this photo site de rencontre, our Parisian photographer can photograph you in a suitable location. For example, La Felicità in Paris’s 13th arrondissement is the perfect location for this kind of photo.

4. The American shot in dark mode in a Parisian setting


No smile, shot from a distance. This photo will show your serious yet mysterious side. It’s best to use a telephoto lens for this shot. You need to give the impression of having been paparazzied. This photo, for example, was taken in Paris at the BNF.

photo pour site de rencontre

5. Sitting on steps in Paris


Simply sitting and watching someone or chatting with a friend. A cool photograph sitting outside interacting with a loved one will show a relaxed, zen attitude.

6. The full-length photo walking in an urban Parisian setting


It’s also important to show your full figure if you’re comfortable with your body. A photo of you walking in the distance will benefit your dating profile.


7. Photo of you reading a book in Paris


You read books? Show it in a photo. It could be an indoor photo in your Paris home, in an indoor café, or as shown here in front of a bookshop! Paris is the ideal city for this kind of photo. Set yourself apart from the competition by showing a different side of your personality on dating sites.

8. Sporting photos in a Paris park


If you’re a sportsman or woman, why not opt for an action photo shoot? You could opt for a running session in the Luxembourg Gardens or a yoga session on the banks of the Seine. This type of dating photoshoot shows that you’re active and healthy.

photo pour Tinder

9. The studious indoor photo in a Paris co-working space


With your laptop on the table, working. This photo shows your serious side. In Paris, it’s very easy to find this type of setting simply by going inside a café. Choose a bright location for this special dating scene.

10. The night shot / end-of-day light in the streets of Paris


Take advantage of the soft light at the end of the day for this American or seated shot that will stand out from the other photos on your dating site profile. A professional photographer will be able to capture the mood and light for quality photos. For example, this photo was taken in Palais-Royal at the end of the day.

In conclusion, there are plenty of ideas for dating photoshoots in Paris. Whether you’re looking to give a serious, professional image, or to show off your creative personality, there’s an option to suit your needs. Don’t forget that your profile photo is the first thing other users will see on your dating site profile, so it’s important to choose a photo that best represents you. By working with a professional photographer, you can be sure of getting quality photos that will help you find the right person on your favorite dating site.

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