In the city of lights, Paris, portrait photography is a thriving industry. Parisians, as well as visitors to this picturesque city, are constantly looking to capture precious, timeless moments by having their picture taken. However, finding a quality portrait photographer in Paris can be a real challenge. For this reason, we’ve decided to write a comprehensive article on the subject.

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How much does a portrait photographer in Paris cost?


First of all, it’s important to point out that the prices of portrait photographers in Paris vary considerably. The cost depends mainly on the photographer’s quality and experience, the length of the shoot and the type of photo you want. As a general rule, the most qualified and experienced photographers charge higher rates.

If you’re looking for a professional portrait photographer in Paris, expect to pay at least €200 for a one-hour session. However, this may vary depending on the photographer’s reputation. If you want a longer or more complete session, the price can rise considerably. It’s also important to note that some photographers charge extra for high-resolution photos or retouching.

If you’re looking for a less expensive portrait photographer in Paris, you can find one for around €50 an hour. However, it’s important to bear in mind that the quality of the photo session may be lower, and the final photos may not meet your expectations.

It’s also important to note that prices for portrait photographers in Paris can vary depending on the season. In summer, when demand for photo sessions is higher, photographers may charge higher rates. In winter, when demand is lower, photographers may offer reduced rates to stimulate business.


What are the differences between a traditional photographer in Paris and the service offered by My Shooting Photo?


There is a fundamental difference between the service offered by a traditional photographer in Paris and that offered by My Shooting Photo. It’s the way you set up your photos.

With a traditional photographer, you’ll have to pay for the shoot (a certain number of photos, as proposed by the photographer) either before or just after the session. In this case, you have total confidence in the quality of the work carried out, and no control over the quality of the photos. Payment has already been made, even though you haven’t yet seen the retouched photos. Nor do you have any guarantee of processing time or delivery of digital files.

How much does a photo session with My Shooting Photo cost?


With My Shooting Photo, it’s the other way around! The photo session is non-binding, meaning that you see the final result before you check out. You’ll only be asked to pay a small booking fee to secure your slot. This is inherent in all bookings. Then shoot in Paris at one of the locations we’ve selected for you: Bastille / Port de l’Arsenal, Place des Vosges, Île Saint-Louis, Palais-Royal, Les Tuileries, Le Trocadéro, La BNF, La Felicità or Ground Control. The choice is yours! And don’t worry about the cost of your photos. Remember, you only pay if you like the pictures!

The photographs will be retouched and the link to your gallery will be sent to you by email within 72 hours of the shoot. In this case, if you’re not satisfied with the result, you don’t have to buy anything. You can also buy photos individually for €20, or in packs to suit your needs.


What are the advantages of a free photo shoot in Paris?


The advantages of a free photo shoot in Paris are as follows:

You can do many different photo shoots in a variety of settings at a reasonable price in the capital, whereas a traditional session would limit you to one setting.
Benefit from an expert photographer motivated to give his or her best, as he or she is paid according to sales.
With a free photographer in Paris, you’re under no pressure to buy photos you don’t like. You can simply pay for the photos you like and leave the rest. Your gallery stays online for a month. This allows you to take your time and choose the photos you really like.
With a no-obligation photo shoot, photo prices are transparent. You know exactly how much you’ll pay for each image you choose, so there are no unpleasant surprises at the end.

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