Why is the first dating site profile photo so important?


Your profile photo, on any dating site, is your calling card, a showcase that represents you, and as such it must be impeccable.

To begin with, it’s important to know that a nice description isn’t enough to entice someone to chat with you. In fact, an attractive, eye-catching text needs to be accompanied by a quality photo that’s just right for the dating site!

Ask yourself this question: what’s the first thing you look at on a dating site member’s profile? The photo, of course!

If it’s attractive and appealing, you’ll certainly want to get to know the person behind the pretty picture. It may or may not make you want to click and start chatting.

In this article, you’ll find valuable information on how to enhance your profile with the help of a professional photographer.

Call on one of our professional photographers who, in addition to his or her technical skills, will know how to adapt the poses, the environment and the shot to your personality and your requirements in order to make your photo shoot a success. Admittedly, this requires a small investment. But isn’t it worth it if you meet the love of your life?

Here are our 5 pose recommendations for photos that will be a hit on a dating site:


A photo portrait that reflects you: Smile, dress and elegance.


The first of your photos is the one that should attract and leave a lasting impression. When the reader sees it, he or she should think: « wow! » or « not bad, not bad… if I went to see his or her profile…? ».

We therefore recommend choosing a portrait-style photograph of yourself, which will allow the person to focus solely on your face. This will give the impression that you’re revealing yourself without a filter, with a close-up shot of you that brings out your facial features!

The aim of the photo session is to take shots that make you look good and feel confident, in a variety of styles that suit you!

Bringing several outfits is ideal. And don’t forget to choose a location suited to the colors you’ll be wearing during the professional photo shoot.

You have the option of posing against a wall. This pose has the advantage of being easy to do outside, wherever you are.

Lean your back or shoulder against the wall, then place your hand close to your face. Just make sure it doesn’t attract more attention than your face!

Some seated photo portraits!


Sitting is a common position for portrait photography. However, it’s important to ensure that the legs and arms are positioned correctly, so that they don’t interfere with the image.

Avoid having both legs stretched out on the floor at the same time, and favor crossing them, or prefer a raised knee for a more appealing visual. You can also sit slightly sideways on a chair or bench, crossing one leg over the other.

Face-on poses are rarely flattering, unless you want to convey an impression of strength and dominance.

You can also sit on a staircase, raise one foot on the top step and join hands.

However, to vary your poses, you can cross your legs in the way that seems most natural to you, and rest an elbow on your knee, with your hand around your chin.

This hand position will particularly enhance your face in the final photos.


Play with accessories


One trick to give your photos that extra touch of originality is to add an accessory to your outfit. Nobody knows what to do with their hands in front of the lens, but everyone knows how to put on sunglasses.

Accessories will be like a little crutch, giving you something to lean on and allowing you to gain confidence with shots that look just like you.

Hats, clothes, glasses, bags or any other fashion accessory will do the trick.

This pose is even more appropriate if you want to show off the outfit you’ve prepared especially for the occasion 😉

You’re free to play with your favorite accessories – we guarantee professional images full of character, with a style that suits you 100%!

A natural full-length photo

Many people opt for full-length shots. Such photos show off a beautiful silhouette, beautiful shapes or a taste for styling (outfit, accessories…).

Take care to place the feet at different levels to avoid too rigid a pose, while slightly offsetting the hips. The same goes for emphasizing feminine curves: no straight lines! Bend your legs, elbows or wrists, and emphasize your silhouette by creating triangles with a bent arm, for example.

For men, it’s interesting to position your hands in your pockets. Just a thumb, the whole hand, or just a few fingers – it’s up to you to decide what makes you feel most comfortable! Moving pictures are also a great way to get a very nice result, by moving from one foot to the other as if you were walking. But don’t forget to keep your hands busy to look more confident in the photos. Don’t forget to vary your gaze between the camera and the horizon.

Try to vary your expressions!


A photo of you practicing your hobby

You want to look interesting. Everyone has hobbies, so a photo of you doing something you love is a great idea.

Whatever your passion or hobby, a portrait photo is a great way to show it off. Do you love books? Are you a musical instrument enthusiast? Your portrait photographer will be able to showcase your passion in just the right way!

But make sure the photo doesn’t look fake. If you’re posing with a smirk and an expression like « I’m great, look at me », the result won’t work as well as you’d hope.

Your photos should highlight your human side, but not the only one. For example, if you love to cook, that’s a very good thing to make known during a professional photo shoot 🙂

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