To prepare for your professional photo shoot, it’s important to know how these photos will benefit you. The desired result won’t be the same if you’re organizing a solo photo shoot to boost your social network audience as if you’re organizing a photo shoot to enhance your professional CV.

1. Define the purpose of your photoshoot?


This choice will determine a lot of things for the rest of the day. From the location of your photo shoot, to the clothes that will best suit your objective.

To find out what would make you happy, feel free to create a mood-board of photos that inspire you the most and show them to us on your phone during the photo shoot, so we can understand the result you’re looking for…

2. Work on photo poses in front of the mirror


If this is your first time being photographed by a professional photographer, try practicing at home in front of a mirror.

This will not only help you gain confidence for the big day, but also help you determine the most flattering angles that will make you stand out more than others, and find out what your « good » profile is, since we very often have one profile that we prefer to the other.

But also to try out the different poses in which you’ll be most comfortable, so as to enjoy the experience to the full.

But don’t go overboard: there’s no point in doing poses you wouldn’t do in everyday life.

In any case, each My Shooting Photo professional photographer will be there to accompany you from start to finish, to show you off to your best advantage while guiding you in your choice of poses throughout your 30-minute photo session, so you can enjoy it to the full!

3. Prepare for your outfit for the photo shoot


After practicing at home, you’re finally ready to start your day in the sun.

First and foremost, a tip that many people neglect is to get plenty of rest the night before, so that you look better and appear less tired in front of the camera.

What’s more, you’ll feel much more at ease with your photographer, and your poses will appear more fluid through the camera.

What really influences your photos is your outfit.

It’s best to keep your clothes simple, and avoid flashy patterns and bright colors that will reflect the light and lead to unattractive results. Adapt your clothes to the weather and seasonal colors.

4. Be self-confident and have the right attitude during your photo session


Self-confidence is extremely important in all aspects of your life, whether professional or personal. During your photo shoot, it’s important that you feel confident.

That’s why it’s important to arrive on the day of the photo shoot with the right attitude. Even if you don’t feel particularly comfortable at first, use your imagination, erase any negative thoughts that are holding you back and let yourself go!

« There are no rules for good photography,

there are only good photographs »


photo pour site de rencontre

5. Have fun during your shooting


A photo shoot is first and foremost an experience of pure pleasure. Once you’ve got over the initial stress, you’ll feel more and more at ease and relaxed.


If there’s more than one of you, for example for a family photo shoot, it couldn’t be easier!
Have fun, laugh, make jokes, relax, just as a group of friends or a couple would…

If you’re on your own, like for a dating photo shoot, or for your social networks, above all, don’t panic and follow our advice by talking to your photographer.

You’ll see that, as the session progresses, a sense of complicity will develop between you, and everything will run smoothly while remaining professional and fun.

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