Who doesn’t care about their appearance and the image they project to others?

On a daily basis, we all want to look our best, and this phenomenon is even more pronounced when it comes to having our photo taken by a professional photographer. If this activity is above all a moment of pleasure and relaxation, the exercise can sometimes prove more difficult for those who are not used to it or who have a few complexes.

Whether you’re a beginner, hesitant, initiated, experienced or confirmed, anyone can apply for a professional photo shoot. The most important thing is to make the most of this moment for yourself, and to trust the photographer who will be at your side. Here are our photographers’ tips for adopting a variety of poses for a successful solo photo shoot.

Is it your first professional photoshoot?


You’ve booked your very first photo session without really knowing what to expect, and now the big day is approaching… don’t panic! The photo shoot starts as soon as you get ready at home.

In fact, the more comfortable and confident you are in your outfit and with your body, the less you’ll worry about your appearance and other people’s gaze, and the more successful the shoot will be! You’ll feel free to move around and spontaneously dare to pose as you’ve always imagined in front of the mirror. So take the time to select clothes that represent you well, and in which you feel comfortable, confident, attractive, professional, sexy… In short, clothes that suit your personality and the type of photos you want to take.

Of course, the photographer you shoot with isn’t « just » a photographer: he or she can also be a personal coach, stylist, confidant… He or she wears many hats, which you’ll be surprised to discover. He’s there to photograph you at your best.

This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t dress up or put on make-up or style your hair to perfection. It simply means that your photographer will listen to your expectations and highlight your assets and complexes by showing you poses suited to your style, personality and figure. Don’t forget to make the most of this moment for yourself, and let yourself go.

Classic photo poses


Some classic poses work very well, for everyone:

– Standing, leaning against a white wall, in profile, looking away or into the lens, hands in pockets, legs crossed… In short, look relaxed but not slouchy!

– As you walk, alternate the direction of your gaze: facing the lens, off to the side, one hand in your pocket, the other holding your jacket over your shoulder or purse… Photos in motion add a certain dynamism.

– Sitting on a bench or low wall, legs crossed, one hand in your hair, the other on your thighs or leaning on the bench…

Poses to avoid


– Arms outstretched, facing the camera: prefer a slightly three-quarter pose with your arms crossed or in your pockets. This will give you composure without giving you that stern look we dread for our professional CV photos.

– Forced smiles: they rarely reflect your personality, but very often serve to trigger a genuine, natural smile that your photographer will be able to capture at just the right moment. So keep them to a minimum.

– Poses that are too « posed »: for a successful photo shoot, it’s important to stay in relatively natural postures that you might adopt in your everyday life.

– Talking: we’re not asking you to remain silent, but it’s best to avoid talking as much as possible when your photographer is shooting. This avoids unexpected grimaces due to lip movement.

It’s your third photo shoot, and you want to vary your poses.


Now that you’re familiar with the exercise, why not spice up the photo shoot by bringing along some fashion accessories and make your style stand out even more? Hats, colorful bags, bow ties… dare to show off your quirky side! Of course, adapt your style to the season.

Also, don’t hesitate to look for inspiration on certain models some time before your photo shoot, and then talk to the photographer about your ideas on the big day. He’ll be able to advise you and tell you how to make the pose your own.

If you enjoyed your previous solo photo shoot, you can also ask friends, family or partners to join you for a group session. You’ll then be comfortable enough to relax them and create wonderful memories together.

You don’t need any experience to have a good time in front of the lens. Your good mood and attentive ears to the photographer’s advice will be more than enough for a successful photo shoot 🙂

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