What can I do to make myself more comfortable when taking photos?

It’s a question you often ask yourself, especially on your first photo shoot.

Being comfortable during a photo shoot isn’t always easy, especially if you’re not a photo model. You may not know how to do it, and being in front of the lens can be a real ordeal for some.

Photo shoots are a great way to have fun with your friends, partner or family.

However, when it comes to a solo photo shoot, the activity can turn into a source of stress. If you want to enjoy the session, you have to live in the moment.

Whatever your photo shoot is about, it’s a precious moment. So you need to savor it to the full, adopt a positive attitude to chase away the fear and anxiety that’s eating away at you, and make your photo shoot a success!

So, express yourself, try out the poses you want, joke, laugh and, above all, have fun!

Here are our 5 tips to help you relax in front of the lens and make your photo shoot a pure moment of pleasure.

1. Train before your photoshoot


You’ll need to spend some time preparing before your shoot to make sure you get the best possible results.

To prepare for your photo shoot, the first thing you can do is spend some time on Pinterest, Instagram, or even photographers’ blogs, then observe the different poses and emotions of the models in the photos on offer.

You can try to memorize them, or reproduce them by practicing in front of a mirror so you’re more at ease on D-day.

A facial expression or body posture is only a matter of details: a slightly less pronounced smile, a slightly more open eye, a slightly more upright posture, and so on.

So don’t hesitate to try out poses you’d like to achieve during your session, especially as your professional photographer will be there to correct you if necessary 🙂

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2. Communicate with your photographer during your shoot


Before you start your shoot, talk to your photographer.

A photo session is above all a moment of pleasure, and it will be all the more so if you follow all his advice.

First, tell him what you’d like to convey, and don’t hesitate to share any fears you may have.

Concentrate on the advice he gives you. As the shoot progresses, you’ll see that you can overcome the negative thoughts that keep you from feeling confident.

This exchange will help you relax, and build a relationship of trust with your photographer, who is there to guide and advise you, but also to listen and reassure you.

Breathe in and out. It’s time to let go and let yourself be carried away.

3. Bring someone with you on your photo shoot


On your first photo shoot with one of our professional photographers, bringing along someone you trust can help you feel less tense and more relaxed.

If this solution suits you, make sure that the person keeping you company on the big day knows you well and will be there to support and entertain you throughout your shoot.

You can trust a friend or family member as long as they take your mind off things.

They’ll be able to entertain you in the background to make the photo shoot more fun, and help you make the most of an experience that won’t happen every day.

4. Bring Clothes you’re comfortable in, according to your photo style


The clothes you wear reflect your personality and influence your behavior.

To feel comfortable, choose clothes that enhance your personality and suit your body type.

Select clothes you like, and choose colors that brighten up your complexion.

Don’t hesitate to take several outfits so that you can vary the styles in the photos: classic, trendy, casual, sporty, relaxed… Of course, choose your outfits according to the weather.

Make sure you choose clothes that can be easily changed in a public place, such as a sweater, a shirt, a jacket…

The same goes for accessories, hairstyle and make-up.

Try to emphasize all your strong points!

5. Remember what motivated this photo shoot


Shooting is all about having fun!

Once you’ve got over your initial apprehension, you’ll feel more and more confident as the shoot progresses.

If you’re feeling stressed and anxious at the thought of standing in front of the camera, always remember the reasons why you booked your shoot in the first place.

Because too much stress shows during a photo shoot. Facial expressions are fixed, the face is tense and there’s a lack of naturalness…

This is one way of finding a motivational boost and reducing your anxiety.

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