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Whether it’s for personal pleasure, the discovery of a first photo shoot, a gift for a loved one for their wedding or a pregnancy, our photographers are at your disposal and will accompany you from A to Z to realize your most beautiful photo shoot.

Book your photo session for everyday occasions


These days, time passes so quickly that we often forget to enjoy the present moment. Photo shoots are mostly held during major events such as weddings, births, pregnancies, anniversaries, family reunions and so on.

However, you don’t always need a special occasion to have your photo taken. If you’d like to do a photo shoot on your own, or with your partner simply for the fun of it, that’s perfectly feasible.

Photo shoots are a great way to build memories. Would you like to take photos with your children to remember their childhood? Or to immortalize other moments that are important to you, consider a photo shoot.

Later, when you open your photo album, you’ll be able to recall the beautiful moments you spent with your loved ones, and the magical moments you spent with them.

Photo shoots can be done with family, friends, solo or as a couple, outdoors or at your home (Paris only).

You can make it a gift for a loved one or for yourself. And most of the time, this kind of surprise is much appreciated 🙂

Outdoor photo shoots: Which location to choose?


The choice of location for a photo shoot is particularly important, and will directly influence the quality of the final photos. Indeed, a location of any kind will directly influence most of the elements of a photograph, such as light, style and décor.

If you want your photos to live up to your expectations, it’s vital that the location is well chosen beforehand. Whether it’s a green or urban setting, the shoot will be done according to your wishes.

Important information: My Shooting Photo can accompany you to 15 different cities in France: Marseille, Cannes, Carcassonne, Paris, Narbonne, Toulouse, St-Tropez…

Example: If you want to book your photo shoot in Lyon, you’ll be able to do it in different locations such as: Quai de Saône, Parc de la tête d’or or Musée des confluences. We’ve pre-selected the best spots for each city :).

What’s more, if you have any ideas in mind, don’t hesitate to discuss them with your photographer. He’ll be able to advise you in the best possible way.

Good preparation before the photo shoot


Not everyone is used to having their photo taken. For a photo shoot to be a success, you need to prepare in advance.

Naturalness is the key to a successful photo shoot. The idea is to capture all the best moments of the photo shoot.

On the eve of your photo shoot with your professional photographer, remember to get a good night’s sleep to ensure that you look and feel your best. Remember that a good night’s sleep has many health benefits!

Once you’ve identified the theme of your photo shoot, get straight down to selecting clothes and accessories. Whatever the theme of your shoot and the style you want to adopt, the most important thing is to feel good in your skin and in your clothes. It’s important to relax and feel at ease in front of the camera.

If you wish, you can also bring several outfits that can be easily changed in a public place (such as a jacket, a sweater, a shirt…). This will enable you to vary the different shots you take.

Once you’ve chosen your outfit(s), think about your hair and make-up. Make sure your hairstyle is consistent with your theme.

For example, if you’re planning a professional CV photo shoot for a bank application, you’ll want your hair tied back for the ladies, and a well-groomed and trimmed beard and haircut for the gentlemen 🙂

As far as make-up is concerned, a nude or natural look is recommended. Intensify your eyes, warm up your complexion and remember to powder your skin to avoid shine, especially on hot days. If it’s raining, be sure to find a sheltered spot.

How does a photo shoot work?


1. First: booking


You’ve been wanting to do a photo shoot for yourself for some time now, or as part of the creation of a modeling or acting agency portfolio, your pregnancy, engagement, birth or other event.

Finally, you decide to book a photo session with one of our professional photographers.

2. Second step: The photoshoot


The big day has arrived. Your photographer will be there to listen to you and reassure you, guiding you in your poses and attitudes without overdoing it.

However, the most important thing is that your photos remain natural and real!

You’ll see that the further into the session you go, the more at ease you’ll feel, and the more you’ll discover yourself in a different light. You’ll discover attitudes and ideas for poses that you wouldn’t have dared do at the start of the session!

You’ll be able to relax and enjoy yourself while having fun in this new activity!

3. At last, the discovery and choice of your photos


That famous moment that arrives after 72 hours maximum of waiting after your session: it’s finally the moment of pleasure and the choice of your photos. You’ll discover your portraits during a long-awaited viewing session, where you’ll be able to download your favorite retouched photos, for just €20 each!

Photography is also a way to gain self-confidence and see yourself differently! Trust us and let us guide you!

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