You’ve been scanning the weather forecast for a few days now: Great sunshine on Saturday for your photo shoot with your photographer, great! But then, at the last minute, the high-pressure system decides to leave for the weekend and the weather turns nasty…

What can you do?

Well, of course, a photo shoot in the rain isn’t ideal… Although!

You can make the most of these conditions and turn them to your advantage!

Be creative for your photo shoot!



Revisit romantic or poetic photographs taken in the mist or rain in your own way.

You’ve got a golden opportunity to let yourself go with a professional photographer for 30 minutes or 1 hour.

Forget the wind, the rain… Think freedom, fun photo sessions, memories to tell!

Grey-weather photo shoots: pro photographers love them!


You should also know that gray weather isn’t necessarily bad for photos – in fact, quite the opposite! In fact, clouds filter the light, resulting in softer, less contrasting light. Even light will be reflected on your face, and the result will be great!

Rainy shooting, happy shooting!


Whatever the case, our photographers will find a solution for you. You can be photographed under covered passageways, such as arcades, on café terraces (covered) or indoors in the cosy setting of a restaurant, food court… etc. There’s no shortage of places for indoor photo shoots – all you need to do is ask the establishment’s permission! Don’t forget your umbrella, and use it as an accessory to compose your image.

A final word of advice: A-mu-sez-vous! 🙂

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