« Look at my face! », « Delete this photo immediately », « Don’t joke with me! » Do you hear yourself uttering these sweet phrases to yourself? This article is for you. Being beautiful is one thing, being photogenic is quite another.

Photogenic isn’t about beauty, it’s about self-confidence and knowing yourself well enough to show off your best side. Being photogenic doesn’t mean being a supermodel: it’s an art to be learned.

As you can see, EVERYBODY can be photogenic: it’s just a question of knowing yourself well and learning to work with your body, your look and your personality to make the most of your assets, while accepting your complexes.

Are you hesitating to book a photo session with one of our photographers? Do you shy away from cameras at family gatherings or with friends? Here are our 5 secrets to reconcile you with the lens and stop envying your photogenic friends.

Get to know yourself better with a photoshoot


There’s nothing worse than self-flagellation before, during or after a photo shoot. It’s counterproductive and degrading for both you and the photographer. So don’t be too hard on yourself. Make a list of your physical assets, the ones that make you feel special, unique, the thing about you that makes you so charming: a mole on the back of your neck, green eyes, freckles, slender legs, a full chest, a shapely torso, your dimples… We all have that little feature that makes us attractive – it’s up to you to find yours!

Being photogenic, which means being satisfied with your image, is above all a question of your relationship with yourself. It’s about knowing yourself inside out, and knowing exactly which positions won’t let you see the blemish on your nose, or which will show off your bountiful buttocks to best advantage.

Practice in front of the mirror with the photoshoot


Observe yourself. In front of a full-length mirror, move your body, wiggle your body, discover your best profile and practice smiling as naturally as possible. There’s no need to flash your toothpaste ad-style smile every time someone pulls out a camera, but it is important to know how to reproduce your most authentic and sincere smile. And for that, a little egocentricity in front of the mirror to music is always welcome! Don’t hesitate to browse the Internet for some of the classic poses used by influencers during their photo shoots.

Adopt a good posture for your photo session

Quelques basiques sont à retenir lorsqu’il s’agit de prendre la pose. En effet, privilégiez une pose de trois-quarts, on évite de se positionner face à la caméra, cela grossit et fait ressortir les imperfections. De plus, la lumière se répartira mieux sur votre visage si vous vous mettez légèrement de profil. Tenez-vous droit(e) ! Attention on ne vous demande pas de vous comporter tel un étudiant en entretien d’embauche, mais une posture avachie ou courbée flattera peu vos courbes et risque de vous rapetisser. Un photographe vous rappellera souvent de vous redresser avant de prendre une photo.

Adopt poses in which you feel comfortable. Don’t necessarily try to copy an attitude that doesn’t suit you or that makes you feel uncomfortable. Being photogenic is all about bringing out your personality in photographs. So there’s no need for exaggerated posing. As the session progresses, your body will quickly find a natural position that will look good in the photo.

Look your best for your photoshoot


The day of your photo shoot has finally arrived! Make sure you choose one of your favorite outfits that highlights your shape and your assets: if you wear skinny jeans on the bottom, choose a fuller top, and vice versa. Take care with your hairstyle, always respecting the natural look.

Ladies, beware of too thick layers of make-up! A natural complexion, a little blush, mascara and eye shadow suited to your eye color will suffice. Go for a natural-looking mouth, with a little transparent balm to moisturize your lips rather than a strict red.

Gentlemen, a well-groomed beard and controlled hair style will make all the difference! Also, prefer an ironed shirt to a rumpled one fresh from the closet 😉 In short, an outfit you like, light make-up and a positive frame of mind are all you need for a successful portrait!

The photographer is there to guide you


Breathe in, breathe out. A photo session is first and foremost a moment of pleasure, and it will be all the more so if you follow these tips. People who are photogenic like to have their picture taken, so it’s a game you have to play. If you can, think of a funny anecdote during the session. Pretending to laugh will automatically trigger a natural smile. Don’t hesitate to make a few grimaces between shots, especially if the shoot has been going on for a while or if you’re stressed, as this will relax your facial expressions and make you laugh more often than not.

Try not to focus on the sometimes imposing professional lens. For natural-looking photos and to capture your emotions as faithfully as possible, you can look away, alternate glances left and right, walk – in short, forget the lens and have fun with it.

Finally, trust your photographer. He’ll know how to highlight your assets and soften your complexes. We can all be photogenic: it’s just a matter of knowing yourself and having the self-confidence to let go and allow the photographer to accompany you in this letting go.

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